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DXC Technology, a global technology services firm modernizes email security by replacing SEG with with SlashNext Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) for M365; Prepares for complete multi-channel cloud communications security in mobile and browser.

Customer - Manufacturer - Toys

Large toy company closes security gaps in business and personal messaging channels outside of email. Adopts SlashNext integrated mobile security app and browser extension to stop zero-hour malicious phishing links, Smishing, business text compromise, exec impersonation and ransomware/malware file attacks. 

Customer - Technology - C&S

Eric Quinn, CIO at C&S Companies, a national planning, design and construction firm talks about SlashNext Complete: Email, Mobile and Browser Security. Using GenAI, C&S stopped 55% more zero-hour BEC and multi-channel phishing attacks from getting through to users.

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MSSP Helps Customers Avoid BEC Attacks

Jon Menezes, President and CEO at Stratejm, a North American, Security-as-a-Service and  MDR service, talks about SlashNext Complete stops multi-channel phishing and is helping his customers avoid sophisticated phishing attacks.

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MSSP Helps Customers Avoid BEC Attacks

Nozumi Networks needed to stop phishing that was bypassing existing defenses and prevent phishing threats targeting their employees. Within 30 days of deploying SlashNext Browser Protection, 42% of employees were stopped from interacting with live phishing threats.

Customer - Technology - Unisys

SOC Team Reduces Cost with Automation

The Security Operations Group at Unisys  Corporation talks about automating abuse inbox management and the high efficacy of SlashNext’s threat detection capabilities.

Microsoft and SlashNext ICES for 99.9% Accuracy

Lincoln International needed to stop phishing that was bypassing existing defenses and prevent phishing threats targeting their employees. After deployment, 45% more threats were stopped.

Customer - Technology
PolySwarm Pte. Ltd.

Leverages SlashNext's Powerful AI Technology

Polyswarm combines a number of threat detection technologies to offer their customers the ability to detect threats sooner. SlashNext was chosen because it further expanded its coverage against zero-hour, evasive phishing threats.

Customer - Manufacturerr

Covered the Broadest Attack Surface

As a manufacturer of suspension systems for motorcycles and automobiles, American Showa needed to find a solution to reduce the security risks in their facilities. SlashNext Mobile & Browser Phishing Protection offered the broadest coverage and could be managed by their small security team.

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Block More Phishing Threats

SlashNext was founded to protect users from the broader phishing threat landscape. While email security systems help block most—but not all—phishing emails, SlashNext solutions help close the gaps and extend protection to less well-defended attack vectors and to additional social engineering payloads, dramatically reducing the risk of breach and costly IR.

Protection Across Mobile, Email, and Web

SlashNext’s solutions protect users both inside and outside network perimeter protections, regardless of device, and can turn network controls into an effective anti-phishing defense.

Broader Threat

Preemptive detection and real-time protection from live phishing and social engineering threats, regardless of the attack vector or payload used.

No Signatures,
No Static Rules

Slashnext solutions are powered by patented SEER™ technology, which uses virtual browsers to analyze suspicicous sites with behavioral analysis and machine learning.

False Positives

SlashNext technology overcomes evasion tactics and accurately detects and protects users from zero-hour threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods.


Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and IT infrastructure via integrations with leading UEM, TIP, SIEM, SOAR, and network security technologies.

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