Better Together
with SlashNext and Microsoft

As a MISA member, SlashNext delivers robust HumanAI technology to detect and stop sophisticated threats and malware in real-time, with Microsoft 365 and Sentinel, working in collaboration with Microsoft and its partners.

SlashNext and Microsoft for Defense-in-Depth Solutions

SlashNext Cloud Email Security Stops 3x More Threats

SlashNext’s HumanAI technology provides real-time detection with extreme accuracy that detects malicious site hours before the competition. Adding SlashNext ICES to Microsoft email security provides complete protection against the exponential growth in targeted BEC, spear phishing, credential theft, malware and exploits in email, as well as SMS, social, collaboration, and gaming services.

SlashNext for Microsoft 365 Stops the Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Attacks

Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

SlashNext HumanAI™ Detection with Microsoft Sentinel

SlashNext with Microsoft Sentinel delivers instant value by automatically identifying malicious URLs with precision 99.9% detection and low false positives. Enabling seamless investigation, response, and connection with other Microsoft Sentinel solutions and services to remediate newly discovered threats to protect the enterprise from zero-hour threats not being detected by other security tools, before they compromise the organization.

Full Visibility and Reporting

SlashNext’s elegant cloud management console enables simple deployment, management, and advanced reporting across threats, users, and devices.


Advanced reporting and analytics features include filters to view data by threats, endpoints, and users for a full view across the enterprise. Drill-down into high-risk users, timelines, and detailed forensics information. Automate daily or weekly reporting, including incidents and executive summaries. 

SlashNext CMS Dashboard

SlashNext + Microsoft E5 Together Eliminates the Need for Secure Email Gateways

SlashNext Microsoft Complete Protection

Complete Protection for Email, Mobile and Web

Comprehensive Coverage

Multi-Channel Multi-Payload

No PII or
Privacy Risks

Great User Experience and Guaranteed Privacy


99.9% zero-hour detection and 1 in 1 million FPs


Deploy in 5 minutes, Zero-Touch, No Maintenance, Fast ROI

See SlashNext Complete™ for Email, Mobile and Browser in Action

Meet with a security expert for a demo and learn how to set up a personalized trial to see the threats entering your organization.

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