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SlashNext’s complete generative AI messaging security solution detects, predicts and stops spear phising, BEC, smishing and other zero-hour social engineering attacks in more than 30K email, mobile and web messaging apps.

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Powerful HumanAI delivers powerful protection that stops credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate link compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware and malware in real-time with fast 99.9% detection rates and one in 1 million false positive rate for confidence in remediation.

Set-up to detection in 5 minutes using Microsoft Graph API and a phenomenal ROI with twice the protection at half the cost of secure email gateway (SEG) solutions.

SlashNext Email Security

Cloud Mangement Console

The SlashNext Approach to Multi-Channel Messaging Security

Generative AI Detection Platform

  • Powerful parallel predictive modeling using Generative AI
  • Detects, predicts, and stops threats 48 hours before other solutions with efficacy gains superior to other leading solutions

Complete Multi-Channel Protection

Fast API-Based Architecture

SlashNext and Microsoft 澳洲幸运十开奖结果计划 澳洲幸运10正规平台 for Complete Email Security


SlashNext for Microsoft 365 stops the broadest range of zero-hour attacks for total defense-in-depth security. Adding SlashNext ICES to Microsoft email security provides complete protection against targeted BEC, spear phishing, credential theft, malware and exploits in email, as well as SMS, social, collaboration apps.

Customer Story

Global Technology Firm Replaces SEG with SlashNext ICES

This 185K employee company modernizes email security by replacing SEG with SlashNext Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) for M365 to stop the sophisticated email attacks that were evading their SEG solution and reduce the risk of a data breach with a $2M annual savings.

Trusted By Our Customers

8M Mailboxes, Devices and APIs Protected

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The Mobile BYOD Security Report

The growing use of personal mobile devices has resulted in many high-profile corporate breaches in 2022 and it is increasingly difficult for employers to ensure the security of sensitive corporate information.

Featured WEBINAR

How BEC Groups Exploit Generative AI to Launch Attacks and What’s Required to Stop Them

Learn how Generative AI can proactively anticipate potential BEC threats created using the same AI technology.

Featured White Paper

Microsoft 365 + Integrated Cloud Email Security

Due to the demands of the modern workforce, there has been an exponential shift in the use of native cloud email protection capabilities, like Microsoft 365, in the last 12 months. 

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